Dirty Thirty



Dirty Thirty

The first 30 years of Stripburger: a fertile breeding ground for independent comics!

In 1992, Stripburger saw the light of day: a comics magazine with a peculiar character and a distinctive taste, better known abroad than at home due to its markedly cosmopolitan nature from its very beginning. In three decades, it has evolved from an experimental visual fanzine into one of the most prominent and active players in the local comics scene and an adamant promoter of comics culture(s). Many of the now-established names in comics have started their creative careers on the pages of this magazine.

Since 30 years of commitment and involvement in the independent comics scene are nothing to sneeze at, we decided to celebrate this honorable anniversary with what we love most: comics! The hefty 300+ page comics anthology titled The Dirty Thirty showcases the most vibrant and gritty comics from Stripburger’s 30-year history. It’s a uniquely spicy selection of short comics with only one thing in common: they were once published in the magazine. All were created by more than 70 comics artists whose work represents all the diversity, uniqueness and variety that has been one of Stripburger’s hallmarks from its inception to the present day.

It is sure to satiate even the hungriest of comics fans. Yummy!

Format: 191 x 270 mm, mehke platnice, črnobel/barvni tisk, 296 strani