Izjava tedna – Mladina

»Ta koalicija je bila klinično mrtva že od začetka. Umetno dihanje ji je zagotavljala Levica, tega
umetnega dihanja ni več. Gre za politično truplo, ki se ohlaja.«
Predsednik SDS Janez Janša v oddaji Politično na TV SLO o politični diagnozi


John Lennon’s “Imagine” Was Turned Into a Comic Strip, and the Result is Incredibly Beautiful.


What would the world be like if everyone decided to let go of competition and start collaborating with one another so as to live in harmony and peace?

I know, that’s a quite difficult thing to imagine, considering the crazy world we currently live in, with violence making its presence almost everywhere. But illustrator Pablo Stanley gave it a good try, and below you’ll have the opportunity to see one of his most well-known comic strips (and, personally, my favorite one), based on John Lennon’s popular song “Imagine.”